Foto EVERYBODY LOVES IRENEEVERYBODY LOVES IRENE was born in 1998. It all started with a band named Gooton, consisting Yudhi Arfani (guitar), Dimas Anindityo (bass), and Mulyadi Triharsono (drum) when they were only in junior high school! All three grew to become friends in the same scene that popped up several britpops gigs, popular in Jakarta at that time. However, the band went without permanent vocalist. After some time, in 2001 the boys met Irene Yohanna, a girl with remarkable voice. Her voice trully made a break. All the boys loved it. Even more, everybody loves Irene! This in fact is the exact sentence that became the name of the band EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE. She soon became the main icon of this band.With spare-backing tracks and emotional yet wrenching vocal, EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE play music for ...


Kamis, 7 Agustus 2008
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Sabtu, 4 April 2009
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